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Tips for Choosing the Best Industrial Machinery Moving Company

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Are you looking to relocate heavy equipment like lift trucks from your old facility to a new one? Or, do you have a need to rig and relocate industrial machinery such as:

· Injection mold machines,

· CNC machines of any material whether it be wood, metal, etc.

· Manual mills and lathes,

· Gear Hobbes

· Vertical Turret Lathes,

· Saw Tables used in the granite and solid surface industries,

· Robots, pedestals, and supporting hardware,

· Industrial printers

· Basically, anything too big and heavy to move by hand.

In such scenarios, you will have to consider coordinating specialized lifting equipment, the sufficient amount of manpower, as well as packaging and transportation. While you have employees move the machinery themselves, it is important to consider the risks involved in the process. Working with a professional heavy machinery relocation company will ensure the safety and security of your items until they arrive at the designated destination.

Luckily, there are many machinery relocation services that can help. It can be quite stressful to choose the right one.

Therefore, make sure to consider several factors to hire the right machinery relocation service for a hassle-free move.

Think About the Size of Your Machinery Relocation Project:

Understanding the size of your machinery relocation project helps determine the type of service you choose.

Some machinery relocation service providers specialize in moving small equipment while other deal in extra-large moves. This means they might have expertise in relocating entire facilities and hundreds of pieces of equipment.

Start by creating a list of the equipment and accessories you are looking to move. You can arrange them into Excel spreadsheets, or just a word document list recording the dimensions, weight, and safety information required for relocation services.

Consider the Equipment Types To Be Moved?

Heavy industrial machines and tools might require heavy-duty skates, and the right-sized and equipped trucks or other industry-specific items such as a lift truck made specifically for moving large machines inside of plants and other applications.

While smaller machines might not require as heavy of moving equipment, they will need the expertise of everything from electricians to tech experts, as many moves are likely to be required to dismantle and set-up of equipment. More machinery moving services are required if shipping by rail, air, sea, and truck.

Take Care of Safety:

The machinery should arrive at its destination intact. That should be the number one priority of your relocating service provider. That's why you should look for a company that is experienced, licensed, and insured with a clean track record.

The company should be able to provide you with information on which type of insurance applies to the relocation of your items.

Proper Packaging is required before the Relocation:

Making sure the company properly packages your equipment is important for a smooth, hassle-free relocation process. Often, when moving CNC machines the machines should only be loaded on trailers that have air rides. Also, any time machines are moved outdoors they should be tarped when being transported or stored. For myself, before I attempt to rig a machine I will be sure that the tech has already “fixed” the moving parts so that they do not move during transport. Some machines have heads or other work surfaces that should not be allowed to move freely while not in service.

Ask For Multiple Quotes and Consultations:

There are often several options to choose from when looking for a machine-moving professional. It is advised that you look into each company that you may potentially hire. Should you not have much experience in the field, then it is imperative that you hire a professional that does know the intricacies of your equipment so that someone knows what to look out for. Should you be an expert in the field, then you can save yourself some money at that point, but you will be the foreman on the job and it will be your responsibility to be sure that nothing is lifted in the wrong place or chains tied to the wrong part as damage can occur.

Planning is everything and prep work is also of utter importance. I like to think of it like the old saying goes, “measure twice and cut once”

It always pays off to shop and compare. You might get several quotes that sound great, but you may never know how they work. So, aim to get educated on your equipment and with the potential people that will be handling your machines. Sometimes the best price isn’t the best deal.

All that being said, Permian Machinery Movers, inc. guarantees to be the best in the business for your material handling and rigging needs. Give us a call today for more information.

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